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Dave Flay Musical Arrangements
For cabaret, dance bands, function (society) bands etc.

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PhotoDave Flay: My musical career started in the heady days of the Sixties ... as lead singer in a number of (quite unsuccessful) "beat" groups.
I had been playing guitar since I was 6 years old, so the transition to Bass guitar in the early Seventies was quite logical and relatively painless.
Most of my playing career has been backing Name American Soul acts, although I did have a brief excursion into Jazz when I played bass with the very talented Roy Philips in the "Peddlers".

My arranging career started about that time also, and in the 25 years since, I have worked on music for TV, Radio ( remember live music on radio? ), Recording sessions, West End Theatre and countless live performances.
I collaborated on the musical arrangements for Barry Manillow's "Copacobana" and "SummerHoliday" , which is still packing them in after three years.

I am a full-time professional arranger. My arrangements are played in clubs, theatres, and function rooms all over the UK and my client list includes just about every major function band in London ! The same care is taken over all my arrangements, whether they are for TV, Radio, Recording Sessions or Cabaret. My arrangements are produced using Coda Finale 97, the industry leader in Computer Music Notation.

Now you CAN keep your repertoire up-to-date, at my prices, playing all the latest chart hits becomes affordable.
When you commission one of the arrangements on my list, you will not be receiving a flimsy photo-copy ( I use top quality 110gsm paper ), each arrangement is produced specially for you........making the songs, in effect, available in any key to suit you ( this does however cost just a few pounds more ).
Mail order is not a problem, I can also offer urgent next day deliveries.
My prices are very reasonable and my arrangements are TOP QUALITY.

Why not give me a call and we can discuss this further.

Please visit my website for more details and perhaps join my mailing list



Tel: 01702 465410

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